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Start your career in the 90's as a freelancer journalist and become a tycoon of the mass media.

Fake It! is a satiric tycoon game on fake news.


  • Write articles!
  • Fake the news!
  • Raise your popularity!
  • Buy cool stuff!
  • Brainwash readers!
  • Expand your business!


The game is a prototype to experiment our ideas on how to make a fun game on fake news. Most of the development has been done while confined because of the covid-19 pandemy.

It covers the first area of the game and includes a tutorial. It is available in French and English.

Does this game support fake news?

Of course it is! ... not! Fake news are harmful and dangerous, we all know that. The game uses humor to provide a basic overview of how they work and tries to learn some glossary here and there.


vxdcxw (game designer/developer) • Twitter • Instagram
Loma (3d artist) • ArtstationInstagram

If you have suggestions to help making this game better, please tell us in the comments! Thanks!

PlatformsWindows, Linux
Rated 4.2 out of 5 stars
(26 total ratings)
Authorsvoxalgames, vxdcxw
GenreStrategy, Educational
Made withBlender, Krita, Unity, Audacity
TagsDystopian, Management, Mouse only, Singleplayer, Tycoon, Unity
Average sessionAbout an hour
LanguagesEnglish, French
AccessibilityInteractive tutorial
LinksPatreon, Twitter


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This was fun! Definitely continue it!

The game is so fun! Can't wait for the next updates

the game was fun! instructions were a bit confusing though, as there were spelling and grammatical errors in the english version.


10/10 please add language settings i chose french and now i cant change it back


Thank you for playing and sorry about this issue. I will fix it when I have some time (certainly during the month, it’s not a big deal).


I think it was fun but for me it got repetitive at the end because you couldn't buy new stuff, change apartment, maybe get new way to post articles I still finished tha game 

but anyway it was like a fake rating/10


Thank you a lot for your comment! The actual game lacks some fundamental gameplay to make it fun but I plan to restart the development of this game from scratch so it will be way better.

Thank you for playing ;)


Fun game! Good job with it!

Thank you a lot for your comment! I really appreciate it since I plan to work again on this project.


I am pretty new but I hope I made some laugh :}

99/10 a lot of references, hopefully the more I play the more I'll get them xD.


Hey! Nice video, thank you! Definitely laughed a few times :)

Did you managed to finish the game or was it too repetitive?


It did get kinda repetitive, you run out of options and earn money very quickly, you can see In M2W4 I already gotten the max level TV. I did not have enough time to finish it though :( , IT is a very fun game and very funny.

some concerns I saw in the making xD

( I included the max article words in 2:44 ) :3

sometimes the fan clips through when making the article ( idk if its just me ) ( 6:09? )

the telephone call gets pretty repetitive pretty quickly, right after you publish BOOM.

I can abuse the ez reputation and go back publishing with higher publishers -> idk if this is intended since time moves fast.

since we are a freelancer with no benefits, maybe have some consequences so we can use the money in other way?

Although it is far from done, It would be an awesome game when fully released!! I was kinda planning to make another vid out of it actually xD.


Thank you for the feedbacks!

It's very repetitive in the current state, indeed.  We have ideas to make it more punchy but may require a massive overhaul.

Strange issue with the fan, I've never seen it before so it may be related to your graphic card. Well, it's a minor issue but I'll dive into it.

Yes... the phone... drrrrinng... it gets... drrrring... pretty ann~... drrrring... annoying! The tutorial is a bit too compelling, we want to rework it to be more fluent.

Reputation abuse is intended, but it may be awkward. We have plans to implement a mechanism to wash reputation instead.

You're right for the consequences, I think we should get inspired from Paper Please! which force the player to seek for money to avoid game over, or maybe add a durability yo the hardware so it breaks down if not repaired.

We're very happy that you loved it! Your video is great and it really help us to improve the game. Please tell us when you post the video, we will be very happy to share it with the community! :)


Fake news has never been so well done xD this was amazing!


​Hello Jeansentis and thank you a lot for playing Fake it!

Your video will be of a great help to make the game better. We watched it closely and we noticed a lot of way to improve it. Thank you!


That's great! If you need me to play another run, hit me up!!


how do i know what bias is for what topic


9/10. You should at big coffee that triple speed for 10 interactions but costs 600$


It would definitly fit into the game. Thank you for sharing your idea!


I don't have very constructive feedback, but I liked it, it was very funny.


Thank you for your comment! It means a lot to us! We're happy that you enjoyed the game :)


Is there going be any mod support?

Yes, the full game will have mod support. Since I have a long experience in writing APIs, it is something I have in mind from the beginning.


as a small feedback, I've tested this game on Lubuntu Linux distro (Ubuntu derivate) with no broblems at all.
OS specs: System version 18.04 LTS; kernel 5.4.x series, Mesa 20.2 graphic drivers (intel HD3000 graphic card).

Thanks for this game!

Woah! Great! Very valuable feedback!

Unity is great stuff when it comes to cross-platform. I wish I could make a build for OsX users too.

Anyway, thank you a lot!


Promising demo. Seeing forward to play "fuller" version :)

Thank you a lot! Your support is very motivating!

We’re working actively on the game. Will drop a teaser of the demo update soon. You can follow me on Twitter for more updates and dev footages.


This game shows promise! Gave me Game Dev Tycoon vibes

(1 edit)

Hey, thank you!

GDT was one of our inspiration but we have so many ideas to make “Fake it !” different & unique. One of our regret in GDT is the lack of connections between games. In FI! we want to give the choice to players to either release a lot of articles or to focus on a few ones and improve them with a “support” mechanism.


can i play on 32 bit

(1 edit)

Hello fikr, thank you for your interest! I just uploaded a 32-bits version for Windows.

I cannot test it but it should work flawlessly. Please tell me if you meet any issue.

(1 edit) (+2)

I just finished the game and I did really like the game though I never really saw a purpose for having money, it would be cool if you could get better TV providers to get better channels or you could buy workers to analyze the news articles for you or to analyze the ones that were already complete.

I did really enjoy the game I just never really saw much purpose in doing what you did in the game though it has so much potential I really would love to see where you take it, I can't wait for an update or anything since the game was really fun though it would be better if there was a store system to give the money a purpose.

Edit: I just thought of an idea where you could have to pay bills to keep the place running and if you didn't game over lol it would be kinda cool to have to pay attention to that sort of stuff

(2 edits) (+1)

Thank you for your support!

Most of these ideas are on our roadmap already:

  • buy stuff - this was not planed to be in the demo, however it could ne a nice update maybe?
  • bills - another mechanism that was present in the early prototype I decided to drop until I find a better implementation, previous iterations of Bill system was too clunky and unclear
  • hire workers to delegate actions - this feature is planed for the full game, it is unlocked when the player create its own newspaper

Thank you for the review! I’ll write a Devlog when a new release will be ready. ;)

(1 edit) (+1)

oh yeah, it is a really good game in my opinion and I am sure I will be there for the next update lol

Hi Bakaman! Update is ready and we implemented many of your suggestions. Have a look! ;)

(2 edits) (+2)

I had lots of fun cracking jokes while recording this game. It shows lots of potential ! 

Side note: Please make it so the player can name the articles. (It would be funny.)

Edit: This video is now out !

(1 edit) (+1)

Wow, thank you a lot for your feedback! This will help us improve the game for sure!

The naming feature was removed because it was a bit confusing in the early days of the prototype, but it’s now mature enough and it will find its place in the next release since so many people asked for it. ;)

Do you mind if I include your video in the game’s page?


I wouldn't mind at all ! Go right ahead :D

(1 edit) (+1)

Yay! Thank you A LOT!


No problem at all !