The Shop! update is here!

The Shop! update is finally here!

We have been working hard to deliver you an enjoyable experience. Thanks to the feedback we received we could improve the game in something much better.

I have been told that the release announcement have been changed… Really? I can’t remember!

Enough chatting, here is the (big) patch note:

The Shop! update

The Shop

  • Enjoy The Shop to upgrade your office, or just buy a hot coffee, includes:
  • 3 television
  • 3 note boards
  • 3 typewriters
  • 3 fax machines
  • 3 power-ups

New Scene!

  • The scene have a fresh new look! Hope you enjoy it


  • Name your articles!!
  • Imagine your own fake news!
  • Reworked score computation to something easier to understand and more predictable
  • News age is now computed instead of display the raw date


  • Manage your reputation to unlock new publishers
  • Turn skeptical readers to brainless zombies thanks to article distortions and fake news


  • Many newspaper publishers settled in the city
  • 3 daily press newspaper
  • 2 gossip press magazine


  • Sticky Notes! will guide you during your job
  • No tutorial mode: love challenge? be the fastest to zombify the city
  • Reworked the experience to make it more understandable


  • Reworked the interface for a better experience
  • Revisited analysis screen, results are now displayed as icons instead of raw text
  • More compact, should not go out of screen anymore!

Continue game

  • You can now leave the game and come back where you left your session

And more

  • Pay the bills at the end of the month
  • Publish your best articles during events
  • 5 tv channels
  • Add a lot more news (over 80)
  • 6 new keywords
  • old-tv effect screen transitions
  • new animations
  • many new feedbacks (visual & audio)
  • And many bugfixes (which certainly comes with a new load of bugs!)

We hope you will enjoy the update!


Fake It ! - Linux (64-bits) 35 MB
Aug 01, 2020
Fake it! - Windows (64-bits) 32 MB
Aug 01, 2020
Fake it ! - Windows (32-bits) 29 MB
Aug 01, 2020

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