Informations on the state of the development

Hey! Hope you’re doing fine.

We know that you are impatient to play The Shop! Update and we appreciate your support so we want to tell you how the development is going.

We are a team of 2 people, a code dude, and a 3D dude. We work on Fake It! on our spare time and we love doing it! Fake It! may or may not become a full game, it will depend on the success we manage it to reach. That’s where you can help us: share the word around the world!

The development of the update is going great so far. However, it might take a little longer than we expected because we had some great ideas to make the game more fun. We plan to make some changes in the gameplay loop, that means we have to tweak some things in the core gameplay and it needs to be polished enough so it becomes awesome. On top of this, we had many feedbacks which are helping us a lot for fixing some broken mechanics. Cool stuff!

If you have any suggestions to make this game better, please tell us in the comments! Thanks!

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