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We’ve been quiet last weeks. A major (secret) event in my life gathered 100% of my time. I’m back and I have many news, so I’ll keep it short!

1. Gameplay Issue becomes Voxal Games

Studio’s name was meh. My apologies, I am the culprit! It deserved a fresh and unmeaningful name. Her it is, Voxal Games! Hope you like it better. And we finally created a Twitter account!

2. Fake It! is in pause

I had fun to develop it but TBH I lack some writing skills and knowledges on fake news. We may bring additional content to the demo in the future to fix some gameplay issues (kek). However we don’t plan to make it a full game right now.

3. New project

We are involved in a game jam that takes place 14-19 September. We have a bunch of cool ideas. We strongly consider some kind of local co-op game. We will share our progress on Twitter, so keep an eye on it!

4. Screen shake!


See you soon!

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