Player 1

  • w, a, s, d (or z, q, s, d) - move
  • e - action

Player 2

  • i, j, k, l - move
  • o - action
Tips 💡
- Clear the terrain before trying to build your house!
- Don't wait too long to assemble the elements or your construction will collapse 😱
- You can harvest the mountain and the forest for exrta resources


ArchiQuest is a fast paced multiplayer cooperative game mixed with some RPG elements!

Pick an adventurer and help building a town… but watch out for trolls and goblins who try to ruin your hard work!

Inspired by party games like Overcooked, you’ll need speed, strategy and friends to be able to complete your quests.

Will you be able to fulfill every request on time while repelling your foes without losing your pace?

  •  Build! Enrich your city with houses, shops, bridges and watch it develop by completing quests!
  • Fight! Find a way to deal with the enemies before they destroy everything!
  • Customize! You can buy gear to change your stats, skin, and more!
  • Addictive! Try to get the best score in all levels to unlock all characters!
  • Multiplayer! up to 2 players (up to 4 players in the final release)!

ArchiQuest demo is a PC game, however we'd like to make it available for modern video game consoles. 

This game has been created as a submission to the Ready Player 42 Game jam in September 20. 

From now on, we plan to develop all the key features and many more levels. 

If you played the game,  we'll be happy to have your feedback or advice!

You can follow us on Twitter or Facebook to be updated with the latest news.

Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
Authorsvoxalgames, Eustace, vxdcxw, hereandnao
GenreSimulation, Role Playing, Strategy, Survival
Made withUnity
Tags3D, Co-op, Local Co-Op, Local multiplayer, Medieval, Multiplayer, party-game
Average sessionA few minutes
MultiplayerLocal multiplayer
Player count1 - 2

Development log


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where is the wasd for player 1

Hello! If wasd keys does not work for you, you may have hit a bug. Can you tell me what browser your are playing in and what version? (your operating system may help to) Thank you!

no it works i just wondered why z, q, s, d is shown for the move of player 1

You’re right! Thank you for noticing. We use forgot to translate to us keyboard when writing game description. Fixed!



Hi Voxal, love the game, any plan on making it multi player online with 4 players?

Hi Teja, I'm vx from Voxal. We're very happy that you love the game!

Unfortunately, we don't plan to make it online right now.

Btw, we are working on another party game that will provide multi player for cough & online for 4-players. It's not yet to be released but follow us on socials. ;)


Hello, this is a plaisant game. Congrat ! 


Thank you for your comment! It means a lot to us!


Congratulations for your concept, it's beautiful!

Thank you for kind comment! The team is great!


Hey guys! great game concept and illustrations! Animations and sound effect are also great :)

Thank you!! Yeah, we’re proud of our work. Excited to continue the project, but first we have to sleep a bit!


Made for fun!